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Hourly work for tractor driver

I am looking for part-time work for tractor driver on the territory of Dobrich municipality. Contact tel. 0882 822 962


Exhibition of local producers from Dobrich municipality

"Black Sea Center of Excellence" prepared and organized an exhibition of local producers from Dobrich municipality, in implementation of the service assigned by the Association "LAG-Dobrich". The event was planned to be held near the area "Slavnata kanara" in the village of Debrene, but due to meteorological situation and the torrential rains, the exhibition was held in front of the community center in the village of Paskalevo, Dobrich municipality. Honey, nuts, flowers, wooden souvenirs, wines and other products were presented.

The event was attended by producers such as: Cow Farm "Rogovi" from the village of Kotlentsi - whole milk products, "Nasto - Pet" Ltd from the village of Branishte - producer of pate from 100% fat duck liver, raw-smoked and boiled-smoked duck fillet and the brand "Golden Ducks", Farmer Svetoslav Koev from the village of Karapelit - producer of cold-pressed juices from chokeberry, apple and Bulgarian rose; Apple garden in the village of Stozher - with the production of cold-pressed apple juice, vinegar and balsamic spice; Farmer Plamen Kolev from the village of General Kolevo - producer of honey; "Villas - M"Ltd from the village of Branishte - producer of nuts, tahini, cold-pressed nut oils and various types of flour; Farmer Atanas Atanasov from the village of Orlova Mogila - producer of honey and honey products; “M-Agro” Ltd from the village of Stozher - vine grower and wine producer; “Kalula 84” Ltd from the village of Donchevo - producers of organic wheat and various types of organic flour;A producer of jewelry and souvenirs in ethno style from the village of Pobeda; Farmer Dimiter Dimitrov from the village of Stozher - producer of honey and honey products; Farmer Krasimir Stoyanov from the village of Plachi Dol - producer of vegetables, green spices and flowers.

The exhibition was visited by over 300 people, including visitors from Romania and Ukraine, who tasted the wonderful local products and approached the Dobrudzha way of life, hospitality and culture. The good advertising and the excellent organization turned the exhibition of  LAG-Dobrich into an emotional event, filled with a lot of spirit, aspiration and desire to support the local producer.





Bee Market is organized by Dobrich Fair at the end of May

Bee Market will open in Dobrich on May 28, 29 and 30, announced the organizers of Dobrich Fair AD. Permission to hold the event has already been given by RHI, said the executive director of the company Zvezdelina Ivanova.

Different types of honey, bee products and beekeeping equipment will be offered on the alleys and open spaces in the Sports Complex "Prostor". The beekeeping market will take place in strict compliance with safety measures - 2 meters distance between sellers, one-way traffic of visitors, avoiding crowds, etc., emphasize the "Dobrich Fair".



A farm exhibition "The Taste of Dobrudja" was organized on St. George's Day in Dobrich

The farmers' exhibition "The Taste of Dobrudja" will be located today, 06.05.2020, in the town of Dobrich on the central pedestrian alley from Postbank to the National Community center "Yordan Yovkov" and will be held in compliance with safety measures (distance, disinfection and shopping by one on the stand). Mostly local restaurants and other catering establishments are expected to be involved in this initiative.
The organizer of the event is Hrankoop Cooperative, under the patronage of the Municipality of Dobrich.
In Farmers 'Exhibition "Taste of Dobrudja" and Farmers' Market Dobrich participate only small local producers of clean food who offer their own products.




Organic producer of raspberries and raspberry products "Rotaro" Ltd

We welcome our new member in "Romanian-Bulgarian Organic Entrepreneurial Network" the company "Rotaro" Ltd. As an investor, the company develops an ecological farm of 25 hectares for production in compliance with ecologically production standards. In 2006, it acquired Regulatory Standards (EEC) 2092/91 to obtain a European Eco-Certification for Raspberry Production. In 2008 the farm received a NOP certificate. Since 2009, the company covers the standards for processing of own production as well as the environmental production of other producers in the industry, according to Regulation (EC) 834/2007 and Regulation (EC) 889/2008. In the processing and tracking of products, the company applies HACCP.
"Rotaro" Ltd produces ecologically pure products, oriented to the export of frozen raspberries of all standard qualities and packaging. Since 2009 it has been selling natural juices on the local market, and since 2011 the company is also targeting the supply of organic seeds, organic wheat, rye and others.



The Agriculture Ministry will change the rules for organic farmers

The Ministry of Agriculture will make changes to the Organic Farming Ordinance, which has begun farmers protests early in the week. There is a 14-day deadline for amendments to Ordinance No.5 on the application of organic production rules, Deputy Verginia Krasteva announced at a meeting with representatives of biological associations. She specified that the deadline for submitting opinions on the Ordinance is 18 April. To meet the demands of the industry and to ensure transparency of the actions, a council on organic farming will also be established.

Organic farmers insist that the oversight process for supervisors be transparent. On this issue Verginia Krasteva announced that it will be published on the Ministry's website. Among the industry's demands is also to provide a summary analysis of how many controllers have been inspected by the Ministry and how many inconsistencies have been detected. "We can do this because such a report is presented to the European Commission," Krasteva assured. During the meeting it became clear that a working group will be set up to work on the additional changes that will be made in Ordinance No 5. Verginia Krasteva, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food: "We have created the necessary organization and we will do our best to make it public within April. "



The Bee Mania`2019 exhibition begins

For the 16th consecutive year in Dobrich is held the exhibition "Bee Mania", organized by "Dobrich Fair" Ltd. In the Sport Complex "Prostor", the forum will offer to the exhibitors and visitors a wide variety of bee products and beekeeping equipment, processing beekeeping equipment, wax bases, qualification laboratories, veterinarians, licensed producers, specialized literature, flowers and other products .
72 companies are participating in this year's exhibition, some of them are from Serbia, Turkey and Romania. Two awards will be awarded - for the best company in the industry and the best beekeeper for 2018.
In three days of the exhibition there will be an accompanying program. Among the themes will be "Beekeeping as a Small Business", "Professional Maternity Production", "Measures and Programs for Assisting Beekeepers", "Bees and Pesticides! ... or Why Bees Die?" and other.
Dobrich Regional Information Center will take part in the exhibition and will provide information on up-to-date and upcoming European funding opportunities that the Rural Development Program and Operational Programs offer. At the disposal of the participants and visitors will be information and promotional materials.


A farmer from Dobrich with two awards from the FOODTECH exhibition

Two awards were received by the farmer Svetoslav Koev from Dobrich from the International Exhibition of Food and Beverages, Packages, Machines and Technologies FOODTECH 2019, which is held within the framework of Agra 2019 in Plovdiv. A total of over 650 companies from nearly 30 countries are presenting on the megaforum for agribusiness, wine, food and equipment. The newest product of Svetoslav Koev- Natural Apple Juice and Bulgarian Rose is the winner of the competition for innovation in the section "Products, Machines and Technologies for the Food and Beverage Industry". For the best product in the category "Non-alcoholic beverages" - "Consumer Choice" competition, another product of Svetoslav Koev was awarded. This is a Natural apple and carrot juice, and the award is based on the FOODTECH 2019 visitors' assessment.

Svetoslav Koev is a Master in Selection and Seed Production, graduated from the Agricultural University of Plovdiv. Since 2006 he has grown aronia in a farm, located in Karapelit village region.The first production-aronia juice was biologically certified.


Juice of apple and Bulgarian rose is the latest product. It is cold-pressed, pasteurized and available in 3-liter packages. In the summer of 2018, a plant for fruit and vegetable processing, owned by Svetoslav Koev, was opened in the village of Karapelit.

11 Feb 2019
We are looking for Bulgarian leaders in agriculture for specialized training in the US

America for Bulgaria Foundation is recruiting candidates for its 2019 Leaders in Agriculture Program, which supports people who work for the development of a modern and competitive agricultural sector in Bulgaria.

Leaders in Agriculture provides an opportunity for an intense professional training in the US. In the 2019 two-week long program ABF is recruiting 8 Bulgarian farmers, managers, technicians, scientists, teachers or administrators to be trained in Advanced technologies for tree nut production, processing and marketing.

The program is designed to fit the specific needs of the Bulgarian agricultural professionals and the group competence level, and fully meet participants’ high expectations. Therefore, the selection is carried out by Bulgarian and international experts with proven experience in the field of agriculture through an open competition and in-depth interviews of each candidate. More detailed information about the program and application guidelines is provided HERE.

The Leaders in Agriculture Program is created and funded by the America for Bulgaria Foundation and administered by the Norman Borlaug Institute of International Agriculture at the University of Texas A&M - the institution with the largest budget for research in the field of agriculture in America and undoubtedly one of the leading American universities specialized in agriculture with over 130 years of experience in this field. The application deadline is March 18, 2019. Interested candidates may apply HERE. In case you encounter any problems in the process please contact:

Violeta Nedeva, Program Director, Business Enabling Environment
America for Bulgaria Foundation
Tel.: +359 (2) 806 3800

Zlatina Baleva, Program Officer, Business Enabling Environment
America for Bulgaria Foundation
Tel.: +359 (2) 806 3800

October 12-13, 2018

                                                       "Apple Fest" - Festival of Art, Ecology and Health

On the 12th and 13th of October 2018 in the town of Dobrich was held the "Apple_Fest" Festival with the participation of the Day Care Center for Adults with Disabilities-Municipality of Dobrich, Fantasy Art Workshop - Magdalena Manolova, Art Workshop "Stella and Dara", Art Workshop "Paint with us" - Stiliana Stefanova, as well as "Villa di Poleta", producers of juices and sweet Coevi, Dimitrov family - bee honey and bee products. With a concert of students from "Kl. Ohridski" School the Festival was opened. Throughout the day, children and students from neighboring schools took part in the festival's workshops, and programming lessons were organized for the smaller ones in connection with the European programming week.

On the second day of the festival, a bicycle maraton was organized on the newly created recreation areas in Iglika, Drujba and Balik. The volunteers at the festival organized fun games on the ground, the task of which was to find pieces of an apple puzzle. The collected pieces were placed under the sign of the first "Apple-place" built on a previous project of Black Sea Centre of Excellence, with the desire to hold "Apple_Fest" each year and to multiply the apples of good works in our basket.


4-5 October 2018

International Organic Festival "Gifts of Nature" - Constanta, Romania

28-29 August 2018

International Organic Festival "Gifts of Nature" - Dobrich, Bulgaria

Two-day organic festival "Gifts of Nature" took place during the summer international fair of "Dobrich Fair" Ltd. The event became an attraction for guests and residents of the town. Within two days, organic producers from Dobrich and Constanta regions had the opportunity to present their production.

30-31 July 2018

One-day spot visits at organic farms in Dobrich and Constanta regions 

Kourtea Brankovneascu, Constanta

One of the first participants in the Network is the Complex "Kourteia Brankovneascu". The complex is located in the center of Constanta and includes a hotel, a bio vegetable and fruit shop, own poultry production, and a herbal pharmacy. The hosts have opened their home to visit anyone who cares about a healthy lifestyle.

Sera Ivas, Constanta District

Greenhouses for production of Cherry tomatoes in Sera Ivas. The farm is located 45 km north of Constanta and is the main producer of Cherry tomatoes on the principle of hydroponics. The greenhouses are built on a project funded by the EU. Visit groups in greenhouse is limited to hygienic and sanitary requirements for greenhouse production.

"Calula-84", Gen. Toshevo, Bulgaria

Among the first members of the Network are the Calula-84 from the city of Gen. Toshevo, registered organic producers of wheat and corn.

Alexander Velikov

Natural organic production according to old traditions or way of life is the farm of Alexander Velikov in the village of Polk. Ivanovo, Municipality Dobrichka, District Dobrich, Bulgaria. The young producer has grown and selected over 40 different varieties of vegetables on the territory of 10 ha.