Online Bazaar
Labor market
  1. Do I have to upload my site on my own?
    Yes, after you sign up and log in, you can upload and delete your ads. The information that will appear in the ad depends on you.

  2. Are you going to translate the other language versions?
    Yes, we translate your ads into different languages ​​from those you create.

  3. Will there be a mobile version?
    Yes, the portal is designed to be compatible with any computer and mobile device.

  4. What information do you need to be able to post ads on the portal?
    You need to complete the registration form and be a member of the entrepreneurial network. You will then receive approval from us with username and password.

  5. If I need to correct an ad in the future, how is this done?
    The web portal is trilanguage after an ad is introduced, it can not be edited because there will be discrepancies between the original and the translation. You need to delete the ad and create a new one.

  6. Can I offer a price in a different currency than EUR?
    No, because the portal serves Bulgaria and Romania and this is the most convenient way to convert currencies.